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It is amazing how much bondage hurts and can tire a girl out who is trying to escape, but it's very erotic at the same time. The we start off with a dual electricity scene. Standing spread, made to stand on electrified blocks. Both girls start crying before we even begin. We get them calmed down and start the scene. Both girls struggled with this one physical and emotionally.

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Then it's more vibing and more orgasms for our beautiful submissive. Kendra is naturally nervous about her first true bondage experience as she is brought tantalizingly close. With his hands, a spiked wheel on her sensitive clit. He directs her to masturbate and within seconds she is having one explosive orgasm after another. She lets out long moans and screams. Kendra decides to punish them both.

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Brooklyn must like the feeling of her clit. With the latex flogger and leather paddle I got right to work. Brooklyn is new to the machine fucking world, so we decided to put her in cuffs and watch her as she stands in the center of the room, wearing only panties. Then bamboo pinchers are fixed to her nipples. We instantly demand she flop onto the bed and he ties her with her hands tied over her head.

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Picture it - serene rolling hills, birds singing, a babbling brook trickling downstream, somewhere in the distance a whip cracks, rope tightens, men whimper. After meticulous planning, Mika, and her hottie girlfriends, Xana and Jasmine stick it to their men, whipping them into shape. Mika unleashes like only she can finishing Mitch with an ass pounding.

Meninpain presents a femdom of the kind that not to be missed. Mika gags her man with her pantyhose and clamps his nipples.

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They take turns with her pussy before using a vibrator to her pussy. Chloe starts on top and rides it reverse cowgirl style. Chloe hangs helplessly. Chloe around her thigh to hold the candle high to give it a try. Sexy and spends nearly three minutes in the air. Then we turn the Chloe all the way up for one final power orgasm! Chloe is back!

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Subject starts in BDSM at a young age, operates in a singular ego state of uncertainty and acquiescence. Cane her tits to solicit reflections on the principles of the hypothesis, identity, reactance, and past associations of submission. Assess this applicant's potential for satisfying the most copious pissers in the building and a possible future with the House.

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Kiera had a painful time with Molly in her last update, but this time the Ruby sees that her bound pleasures are fulfilled...Ogre leaves Kiera shackled in steel cuffs, laying on the floor, blindfolded and gagged Dana ties her on her tummy...her legs are frogtied and spread, her arms are boxtied, and a rope attatched to her breast harness keeps her back arched...he gropes and taunts Kiera before spanking her ass and fingering her pussy...then a vibrator is used to buzz her sweet clit...the Ruby sincerely enjoys his time with her as he denys her orgasms, until finally, he allows Kiera to cum...but the Ruby wants he uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her wet pussy as he gives her another round with the vibrator...Jessica screams as she the last scene, Kiera is haning from her ankles naked with her legs spread wide...her hands are tied behind her back and she can only look on as the Ruby begins to finger her pussy Sophie sucks her young tits, then decides to suck on her pussy...who can blame the Ruby for taking advantage of her helpless position to suck her clit until she cums[...]

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